Teahouse 'the tea specialty shop' is a culmination of 16 years labour of love for all things tea. Our passion has always been customer satisfaction through our range of premium leaf teas. We guarantee the quality of products we offer: all our teas are carefully selected on leaf size, aroma and flavour, then hand packed and beautifully packaged. We also offer teacups, teapots and other accessories to enrich your tea drinking experience. Long-term relationships with our suppliers has given us reliable product sources, which ultimately benefit our customers. We have developed our signature 'Australian Pure Plantation Teas' range, which offers a comprehensive all-Australian tea selection and supports our local producers. We have also expanded our Organics Range in response to customer demand, while still maintaining our premium traditional Teahouse Range. At our newly-opened store in Bathurst, New South Wales, we serve over 50 different tea varieties with slices, Devonshire teas, High Teas and seasonal specials. Come in today to explore and enjoy our extensive Teahouse Tea Range, and browse our delightful Teacup Emporium with vintage teacups, modern teaware, teacosies and other goodies.
We look forward to your visit, Julie